The incredible possibilities of digital collaboration – 4 take-aways by Debbie Warrener

Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating our third event at the Impact Hub Islington on ‘what is ‘good’ work?’ Our previous two events were held in a more traditional format of panel discussions. This one was a more participatory event focused on the intriguing topic of ‘The incredible possibilities of digital collaboration’.

It was a rich and fascinating evening. Here I share some of the insights I gained as 4 top tips on collaboration for changemakers. These are as relevant for digital as non-digital collaboration. Ultimately this is about coming together in various forms to increase our impact as changemakers…

Read the full piece on Debbie’s blog Digi collab 4

A member of Impact Hub Islington since it was the only one in the world – there are now over 120! – Debbie Warrener works as a leadership trainer for changemakers and wannabe changemakers. Her work is about enabling those concerned about the need for change in the world to step into their full potential, passion and purpose. Find out more about her work here:

Digi collab 3



Stay connected and collaborative and join the next part of the ‘what is ‘good’ work?’ conversation at the Impact Hub Islington on 29 November. You can also join the conversation online here on our Facebook group.