What is 'good' work?

What do we mean by ‘good’ work? In 2017, we went on a collective exploration of this question. Partly prompted by changes in the world around us (such as rising levels of in-work poverty in the UK, the growth of precarious self-employment in the gig economy, increasing levels of work-related stress and anxiety but also young people’s desire to find meaning in work) and the fact that most Hubbers are the architects of their own work (so think about this quite a lot!), we quickly realised this is a HUGE topic. A group of Impact Hub Islington members and collaborators wanted to learn more about all the different aspects that play into the question of what is ‘good’ work - so we could start transforming work in whichever areas we were able. We captured some of the things we learnt along the way in the blog posts below. The illustration on this page is by the wonderful Ariadne Radi Cor and photos by the talented Chris King.

Building blocks for a radical vision of 'good' work

A few snippets from our last event:


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The incredible possibilities of digital collaboration

Digital technology is changing our work in pretty fundamental ways, some very challenging. But what is the radical potential of digital spaces to change power dynamics, work across boundaries and invent new forms of organising?

21 September 2017

Contributors included:

Kirstie Wielandt, Greenpeace
Laura Saxton and Jo Hunter, 64 Million Artists
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, The Open Coop
Chair: Debbie Warrener, leadership trainer for changemakers, artist and chief paint thrower

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Unusual Suspects 2

Work isn't working - Can we co-create a radical vision for the future of 'good' work?

A lively event that was part of the Unusual Suspects London 2017 festival.

14 June 2017

Speakers included:

Sara Allen, Founder, Further&More
Dr Alex Wood, Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute
Dr Malcolm Torry, Director, Citizen’s Income Trust
Prof Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Surrey
Chair: Debbie Warrener, Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Artist

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Where does work end and life begin?

The world of work is changing to become increasingly ‘flexible’ – for better or for worse?

8 March 2017

We hosted a fascinating conversation with:

Dr Judy Stephenson, Research Fellow in Economic History, Wadham College, Oxford
Prof Gail Kinman, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology, University of Bedfordshire
Isabella Pourtaheri, People & Culture Manager, Maxus Global
Chair: William Higham, The Next Big Thing

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Blog Posts

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The incredible possibilities of digital collaboration – 4 take-aways by Debbie Warrener

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What could a radical vision of ‘good’ work look like?

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What’s a ‘work life balance’ anyway?

Guest blog by Chris Rolls Impact Hub Islington is holding a series of events exploring what ‘good’ work means in the modern world. As a collective of businesses, social enterprises and freelancers driven by positive social impact, it makes sense…