What is Impact Hub Islington?


Impact Hub Islington is an open community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, doers and dreamers, powered by a shared workspace and learning environment. We are part of a global network of over 15,000 passionate individuals and organisations in more than 100 cities around the world. Since February 2017, we have been creating 27 Dingley Place, a new civic platform where people from a range of professions come together to collaborate in new ways, imagine and shape a better future for our city.


Mission and vision 

We want to create a better future for our city. We envisage a place where people like to be, a place where opportunities aren’t just available on paper but accessible to everyone, a place that connects higher productivity with higher purpose, a place that supports people’s well-being throughout different life stages and nurtures good human relationships, a place that appreciates multiple realities and celebrates different forms of knowledge.

There are no single interventions capable of addressing the complex challenges in our society. So we believe developing new ways of working with others is critical in finding mechanisms to pool resources and collectively transform the systems that are not working for a lot of people. Impact Hub Islington is a platform where people can learn and experiment with new ways of collaborating in order to collectively shift social outcomes in our city.